Risk, Audit and Compliance apps working together


Be in control

Manage your risks, audit your controls and drive your compliance workflows, all in 3 easy to use apps that can be combined in a full GRC application

All GRC functions in 3 easy to use applications

From risk assessment to employee RACI modeling, from workflow automation driving your key processes, to audit automation,  all in one 3 applications that combine in a full GRC suite.

Bring GRC alive

Document your control framework and bring it to live with audits, event management and compliance workflow automation

Ease to start yet very complete

Focus on your key controls and risks and extend whenever you want, all within the same lincense


Reasons to like Risk Management

The easiest way to manage all your GRC requirements

Risk Manager

  • See your risks transparent and up to date
  • Be in control and prove it
  • Events are reported by the organization to continuously improve your control
  • With the integrated audits we can show where we can improve


  • Schedule compliance actions like reports or tax filings and monitor their status, world wide!
  • Combined with Corporate e-Learning we can train and test our staff and ensure compliance
  • Workflow automation ensures a full audit trail of work done


  • Dashboards and reports always up to date
  • We can see where we are and can make it transparent
  • Both business partners and supervisors love the way we work
  • I know we are in control