Be in control

Manage your internal audits. They are scheduled to start automatically, people are invited and you have your dashboard to monitor the status.

Full audit trail

The audits create a full audit trial including evidence collection securely stored in the built in Document management system.

Built your own

It has never been easier to built your own web based audits and make them available to your team members, be it local or across the globe.

Easy to execute

Team members just receive an email with a link to the audit that is available for them. Easy to fill out, efficient and all data collected for you to swiftly report!


Reasons to like Audit Management

The easiest way to manage all your GRC requirements

Risk Manager

  • Get your risks assessed on a regular basis by using the built in scheduler
  • Assessments are easily created and can be reused over and over again.
  • The audit trail helps us to see not only a static picture but a dynamic view of our risk and control.
  • The control audits give us an ongoing view on where we can improve to prevent risk from happening or to minimize the damages.


  • Testing our controls on a regular basis is crucial
  • We can take samples and evaluate them too!
  • Monitoring the audit status saves us a lot of work and effort.
  • Our review cycles are more efficient and our accountant loves it even though it cuts back on their bill.


  • The combination with the Risk app brings risk management alive
  • We can see where we are and can make it transparent
  • It works very efficient and the license is extremely affordable
  • Now I know we are in control

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