Be in control

Manage your risks, your controls and all relevant data you need to assure proper and transparent risk management.

Transparent Risk Management

Managing all relevant information for transparent risk management efficiently. Not only the data like laws, objectives, processes, RACI, risks, controls but also their relationships easy to maintain and transparent.

Bring Risk management alive

Document your control framework and bring it to live with event management to identify issues and start improvement. Manage the progress and monitor the status of your remediation.

Ease to start yet very complete

Focus on your key controls and risks and extend whenever you want, all within the same lincense


Reasons to like Risk Management

The easiest way to manage all your GRC requirements

Risk Manager

  • See your risks transparent and up to date
  • Be in control and prove it
  • Events are reported by the organization to continuously improve your control
  • Add audits to show where you can improve


  • Allways up to date view on your risk and control framework, for you and your supervisors.
  • Monitor your business events and the progress made to avoid them from happening in the future. Be in control.
  • Create risk and compliance awareness in the organization and work together to show that you are in control.


  • Dashboards and reports always up to date
  • Finally an application that is cost effective yet complete!
  • Both business partners and supervisors love the way we work
  • I know we are in control

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